Sarah W. Sacramento, CA

3So I have really come to love this place. I suppose it's the allure of the all day happy hour menu. Although the beer is cheap, the roll prices are pretty average ($10-16) so you don't end up saving a ton of money. It's about the same price as standard sushi places in the area, dinner for two usually runs between $40-50 (with beer of course, how the hell can you have sushi without beer?). However, the quality of the fish and service are exceptionally good I think.
They don't have a huge selection of rolls on the menu so I usually just ask for custom ones with my favorite fish (hamachi+salmon usually) and they're always DELICIOUS. Taka himself is there every once in awhile (you'll know who he is, the older stoic looking dude with earrings concentrating intensely on his craft) and when he is there take advantage and ask him to make you something special. Once he made a roll with hamachi, salmon, green apple, onions and some delicious sauce. It sounds strange but it was definitely unique and amazingly delicious.
Also, get the Taka's wings. They're phenomenal. I need to find out how the hell they make that sauce because I need to put it on everything all the time. I have to go there every week-week and half just because I crave that stuff.

Jessica L. Sacramento, CA

Delivery. The word invokes a wonderful feeling in all of us....
I'm lazy, hate going out when it's cold and don't mind waiting 30 minutes for food, so delivery from this place is like heaven. The total came to 2about $50.00 bucks which is a little expensive it you ask me, but with free delivery thrown in I can excuse the extra 2 or 3 bucks per roll....
The sushi also tasted very fresh, the rolls held together well and while having some sauces on them, weren't drenched in it like at some other nearby places love to do.
We had the Spicy-D roll, really good
Ahi Ahi roll, also really good
Fong Fong roll, not my favorite but good
Sesame Chicken, boyfriend loved it!
Delivery was also really fast and friendly. The gentleman who took our order over the phone repeated everything back and made sure we were getting the right stuff and it was going to the right place. I was highly impressed and I'll be calling them next time its cold and I'm having a sushi craving!

Debbie P. Sacramento, CA

So I just moved three houses down from Ju Hachi.... thank you sushi gods!!!
I finally went last night to try it out and I am in love. I am going to find myself coming here all the time. And with their all day happy hour1 menu it's very easy to keep it affordable!
The ambience is peaceful and very welcoming. The sushi chefs all look like they're having a great time while they furiously roll their hearts out, and the waitresses are constantly making sure you're doing well.
We got Taka's wings for our appetizer and they were delicious!! These guys are very spicy! So if you like the heat order these, plus they're on the happy hour menu so they're a good deal. I got the ahi ahi roll which was heavenly and it's making my tummy growl as I think back on it!
The spicy chicken teriyaki filled up this huge bowl, the portions are for sure very generous! And from what I tasted it seemed pretty damn delicious!
Anyhow, I'm going to be coming back very soon. The menu is really impressive and I want to try so many of their specialty rolls!